Robson, Edward

Birth Name Robson, Edward 1a
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1885 Crumpsall, Lancashire, England   1b
Residence 1891 Bent Row 9, Crumpsall, Lancashire, England Age: 6; Relation to Head of House: Son 1c
Residence 1901 Slack Road 35, Lower Crumpsall, Crumpsall, Lancashire, England   2a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hobson, Ambrose Henry27 Jul 1854BET APR AND JUN 1900
Mother Barrie, Agnes Maitlandbetween 1853 and 1854about Feb 1927
    Sister     Robson, Agnes about 1883
         Robson, Edward about 1885
    Brother     Robson, Tom about 1887
    Sister     Robson, Elizabeth about 1889
    Sister     Hobson, Elsa about 1891
    Brother     Hobson, Harry about 1893
    Brother     Hobson, Frederick about 1895

Source References

  1. 1891 Census of England and Wales
  2. 1901 Census of England and Wales
      • Source text:

        Agnes Hobson Head Widow Female 46 1855 - Scotland
        Agnes Hobson Daughter Single Female 18 1883 Painter to engravers Manchester, Lancashire, England
        Edward Hobson Son Single Male 16 1885 Print maker up Manchester, Lancashire, England
        Sone Hobson Son Single Male 14 1887 Railway office boy Manchester, Lancashire, England
        Elizabeth Hobson Daughter Single Female 12 1889 - Manchester, Lancashire, England
        Elsa Hobson Daughter Single Female 10 1891 - Manchester, Lancashire, England
        Harry Hobson Son Single Male 8 1893 - Manchester, Lancashire, England
        Frederick Hobson Son Single Male 6 1895 - Manchester, Lancashire, England