Kitchen, Elizabeth

Birth Name Kitchen, Elizabeth
Gender female


Family of Sackett, John and Kitchen, Elizabeth

Married Husband Sackett, John ( * 1586 + 1633/34 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 4 Nov 1611 St Peter, St Peter's, Kent, England   1a


    1. Kitchen, Elizabeth
      1. Sackett, John

Source References

  1. The Sackett Family Association
      • Page: 1611 John Sacket & Elizabeth Kitchen
      • Source text:

        Marriages Register, St Peter in Thanet, Kent (Tyler transcripts, Society of Genealogists), "4 November 1611 John Sacket & Elizabeth Kitchen."
        The conclusion that it was John Sackett, the fisherman of the 1628 will, who married Elizabeth Kitchen in 1611 is based on the naming in the will of his wife Elizabeth. He would have been about 25 on marriage to Elizabeth, thus giving a good age match.