Talbot, Elizabeth

Birth Name Talbot, Elizabeth 1a
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1831   if same age as her husband  


Family of Bray, John and Talbot, Elizabeth

Unknown Partner Bray, John ( * May 1831 + 1911 )


    1. Talbot, Elizabeth
      1. Bray, John

Source References

  1. 1861 Census of England and Wales
      • Source text:

        John Bray Head Married Male 29 1832 Blacksmith employing 1 man and 2 boys Sutton, Staffordshire, England
        Elizabeth Bray Wife Married Female 26 1835 Blacksmiths wife High Offley, Staffordshire, England
        Harriet Talbot Sister in law Unmarried Female 24 1837 Visitor High Offley, Staffordshire, England
        Robert Hodson Apprentice Unmarried Male 19 1842 Blacksmiths ap Wootton, Staffordshire, England
        Jefford Stones Servant Unmarried Male 15 1846 House boy Church Aston, Shropshire, England